Installing ExpressionEngine on a Rackspace Cloud Server

Introduction This article is intended to provide a general approach to installing ExpressionEngine on a Rackspace Cloud Server running Linux. In our sample, we’re working with a server running Ubuntu. Other Linux operating systems should be pretty similar, and you can get OS-specific instructions at the Rackspace Cloud Knowledgebase ( The process of installing ExpressionEngine on the Rackspace Cloud involves several tasks, from installing the LAMP stack to setting file permissions in ExpressionEngine. These topics are covered more comprehensively on … Continue reading

Enabling Expression Engine Forms within Magento

We recently had a new client come to us to troubleshoot issues with a Magento eCommerce website that has been configured use ExpressionEngine for CMS. Their previous developers didn’t provide documentation, but we determined that their approach was based on the Magento tutorial Integrating 3rd Party CMS Content Within Magento. Among other issues, the forms created in ExpressionEngine using Freeform and native EE tools were not functioning. The problem boiled down to the fact that, as prescribed in the tutorial … Continue reading

In an asp:UpdatePanel Sys.Application.add_load() = $(document).ready()

Using JQuery inside an UpdatePanel can be a little tricky. The $(document).ready() is the backbone of JQuery, but it won’t be of much help when placed within an <asp:UpdatePanel>. Download Source (zip file) Lets say for example you need to assign an onclick handler to an <asp:Button> that exists within an <asp:UpdatePanel>. If you place the handler within the $(document).ready() function at the head of the page, the event will work up until the <asp:UpdatePanel> triggers a postback. Once that … Continue reading

Using the JQuery Treeview in ASP.NET

Often times when building a website there will be a need for a Treeview type navigation control. In the past I have used the <asp:TreeView> navigation control but it can be very cumbersome and has a lot of overhead especially when it comes to styling. A better approach is to use the JQuery Treeview plugin created by Jörn Zaefferer combined with the <asp:Repeater> control. This will give you the same functionality of the <asp:TreeView> control with much more styling control … Continue reading

ASP.NET ListView Drag and Drop reordering using JQuery

A recent project that I have been working on, required that the user be able to rank data in any order. There a several ways to implement a reordering feature, including adding up and down arrows to each row. However, this can become tedious especially with a large table of data when an item needs to go from the bottom row to the top. A cool way to implement a reordering feature is to use the Table Drag and Drop … Continue reading