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In an asp:UpdatePanel Sys.Application.add_load() = $(document).ready()

Using JQuery inside an UpdatePanel can be a little tricky. The $(document).ready() is the backbone of JQuery, but it won’t be of much help when placed within an <asp:UpdatePanel>. Download Source (zip file) Lets say for example you need to assign an onclick handler to an <asp:Button> that exists within an <asp:UpdatePanel>. If you place the handler within the $(document).ready() function at the head of the page, the event will work up until the <asp:UpdatePanel> triggers a postback. Once that … Continue reading

Using the JQuery Treeview in ASP.NET

Often times when building a website there will be a need for a Treeview type navigation control. In the past I have used the <asp:TreeView> navigation control but it can be very cumbersome and has a lot of overhead especially when it comes to styling. A better approach is to use the JQuery Treeview plugin created by Jörn Zaefferer combined with the <asp:Repeater> control. This will give you the same functionality of the <asp:TreeView> control with much more styling control … Continue reading

ASP.NET ListView Drag and Drop reordering using JQuery

A recent project that I have been working on, required that the user be able to rank data in any order. There a several ways to implement a reordering feature, including adding up and down arrows to each row. However, this can become tedious especially with a large table of data when an item needs to go from the bottom row to the top. A cool way to implement a reordering feature is to use the Table Drag and Drop … Continue reading