Web Security & Maintenance

Just like any valued asset, websites and web-based applications should be protected against security threats and maintained for optimal performance. Unlike many web development agencies who merely focus on launching a project, Pedrera also provides critical services that safeguard our customers’ investment. Our web security and maintenance services ensure that web properties continue to function without costly and disruptive problems.

Web Security

Websites and web-based applications are under constant threat. They may come under assault from automated bots scanning for vulnerabilities, or through concerted attacks by individuals and hacking groups. In order to safeguard sensitive data and avoid costly service interruptions, web properties must be defended through security hardening and monitoring.

Web Security Services

Pedrera offers the following security services to help our customers protect their web assets:

  • Infrastructure planning and security hardening
  • Vulnerability assessment and scanning
  • Penetration testing
  • Malware monitoring, removal and prevention
  • Web software security hardening (WordPress, ExpressionEngine, .NET, etc.)
  • PCI compliance support
  • Disaster recovery planning

Website Maintenance & Support

With the proliferation of content management systems, social media tools and other “self-service” technologies, website managers can feel self-assured in keeping their website content current. However, many of our customers find that they are much less confident about the more technical aspects of keeping a site running securely and optimally – tasks like upgrading their software, tuning their web server, or even having a backup and disaster recovery plan in place. This is where Pedrera can help.

Website Maintenance & Support Services

Pedrera provides a comprehensive set of maintenance and support services, including:

  • Content management and feature updates
  • Infrastructure assurance and hosting support
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Resource utilization monitoring
  • Incident analysis, resolution and reporting
  • Backup and disaster recovery services
  • Environment upgrades (operating system, services, resources, etc.)
  • Software upgrades (WordPress, ExpressionEngine, .NET, etc.)
  • Documentation management

Proven Experience

Pedrera has provided web security and maintenance services for many organizations, including BT Global Services (British Telecom), the National Constitution Center and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

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