Even if your firm has in-house web and mobile development capabilities, you may still benefit by supplementing your team with us. Sometimes you just need a dependable partner to lend a hand.

Our Partnership Model with Advertising Agencies and Graphic Design Firms

We understand the challenges that web and mobile projects can present to design firms and advertising agencies. Some agencies do have a dedicated in-house development team, and they may be comfortable with most projects. But there are still times when teams are stretched thin or unfamiliar technologies are requested by clients.

Through a partnership with Pedrera, agencies and designers benefit by having expert web and mobile developers available to supplement their team. Here are some ways that we can help:

  • Assisting with writing proposals, defining requirements and making presentations
  • Providing you with a broad catalog of project experience that you can reference to win work
  • Broadening your technical expertise to give you confidence throughout a project: from RFP through launch
  • Added development capacity when you need it, without added overhead when you don't

How Could We Work Together?

Well, this is completely up to you. We have had long-term relationships with partners who openly involve us with their clients. Others have worked with us "behind the scenes" on small projects. We understand that trust is earned, and we're happy to work with you however you see fit.

Agency Experience

Bosha Design
Evoke Communications
Greenhouse Partners
Local Wisdom

Mind Your Design
Munroe Creative Partners
Strata Company
Tierney Communications
Tipton Communications
Untuck Design Studio
Wolters Kluwer

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