Johnson Controls

Pedrera provides Johnson Controls comprehensive services to support multiple brand websites, including web design, ExpressionEngine development, security and hosting infrastructure management.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls International (JCI) is a multinational conglomerate with annual revenue above $30 billion. JCI offers the world’s largest portfolio of building solutions, including fire detection and suppression systems. Through acquisitions of various companies, JCI’s offerings span numerous brands, such as Ansul, Autocall, Sabo, Skum, SpinkCAD, Tyco and Williams. This presents marketers and IT staff with some real challenges, such as how to provide a harmonized user experience, and how to manage so many websites reliably and securely.

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Pedrera was originally approached by Tyco to support about a dozen websites in 2015. At that time, Tyco was working to consolidate their various websites on the ExpressionEngine CMS platform. Because of Pedrera’s reputation for this technology, we were contracted to create and implement a master plan for their websites.

Pedrera’s responsibilities would include implementing brand standards across multiple sites, developing a shared CMS codebase in ExpressionEngine, and managing all aspects of web hosting for the sites. When Johnson Controls Inc. acquired Tyco in late 2016, Pedrera’s role was expanded to include additional websites and services.

JCI mobile websites

To-date, Pedrera continues to work extensively with JCI in support of their fire detection and suppression websites. We routinely work to develop new features, upgrade ExpressionEngine and their web servers, optimize performance, ensure security and provide maintenance services. The results have been significant for JCI — these important websites continue to operate reliably and securely, allowing marketing operations to continue without issue during organizational transitions.

Client: Johnson Controls Incorporated
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