Pedrera is a trusted partner for our clients, working with them to ensure that their websites are running smoothly and reliably. We proactively monitor resource utilization and system performance, so that we can address potential issues before they cause real problems.

Proactive Infrastructure Management

Web infrastructure management is essential to ensuring that websites and applications are performing optimally and reliably. Website users have come to expect that pages load nearly instantaneously, and they will immediately abandon any site that fails to run correctly and quickly. The consequences for websites that fail to do so are dire.

User demands for fast, error-free experiences are made all the more difficult to deliver by the growing complexity of hosting environments. New solutions are constantly added to the technology mix, and the variety of offerings can be overwhelming. Pedrera is able to help our clients see the forest from the trees. We design, build, monitor and improve their web infrastructure, giving them the confidence to know that their users are being served consistent, fast, and flawless experiences.

Web Infrastructure Management Services

Our web infrastructure management service include:

  • Infrastructure design and architecting
  • Infrastructure assurance and uptime
  • Performance and resource utilization monitoring
  • Incident analysis, resolution and reporting
  • Performance optimization
  • Environment upgrades (operating system, services, resources, etc.)
  • Software upgrades (ExpressionEngine, WordPress, etc.)
  • Backup and disaster recovery services
  • Web security services
  • Documentation management

Website Maintenance & Support

With the proliferation of content management systems, social media tools and other “self-service” technologies, website managers can feel self-assured in keeping their website content current. However, many of our customers still find it comforting to have a team of experts on standby to lend a hand. This is where Pedrera can help.

The development team at Pedrera is able to provide ongoing consulting and technical services in support of our clients. We can develop new features, troubleshoot issues, or even assist in content management efforts. By standing with our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of their website, we are able to truly support them as trusted, long-term partners.

Website Maintenance & Support Services

Pedrera provides a comprehensive set of maintenance and support services, including:

  • Content editing and optimization
  • Graphics production
  • Development of new features
  • Support for marketing campaigns
  • Implementation of SEO tactics
  • CMS user support

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