Strategy & Consulting

Many web development firms focus on the technical aspects of a project, as they might be more comfortable talking about databases and code. But without a well-conceived plan to direct the project, all too often their efforts are misdirected and fall short of delivering real business value.

In contrast, our solutions are always based upon a solid foundation of business strategy. We craft thoughtful, effective technical plans for each project, and we establish measurable goals that reinforce return on investment. We invite collaboration with project stakeholders, and we always work rigorously to understand how a project’s success will be measured.

What’s more, we have the in-house capabilities to effectively implement the solutions defined in our strategies. With consulting and technical development offered under one roof, you can be assured that your project plan will be coherent, innovative and well-executed.

Strategy & Consulting Services

  • Solution Design and Planning
  • Hosting and Infrastructure Design
  • System / Platform Migrations
  • Performance Optimization
  • Security and Disaster Recovery Assurance
  • Maintenance and Service Continuity

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