Cooling Crisis

Pedrera worked with the Center for Climate Integrity to design and develop a data-driven website that presents the costs of climate change to public schools.

Cooling Crisis

As climate change prolongs elevated temperatures throughout the academic calendar, many schools face challenges in managing excessively warm classrooms and insufficient cooling infrastructures. Partnering with the engineering firm Resilient Analytics, the Center for Climate Integrity worked to assess the financial implications for public schools to maintain safe temperature conditions amid the evolving climate.

Cooling Crisis non-profit ExpressionEngine website

The result of this work was a comprehensive report on the installation, upgrade and maintenance costs facing schools -- Hotter Days, Higher Costs: The Cooling Crisis in America’s Classrooms. Pedrera was engaged to bring this report online as an interactive website. Pedrera provided strategy, web design, and web development services, including creating data-driven tools and visualizations that present the report’s findings. The website was developed in ExpressionEngine.

Data Visualization

Pedrera developed a website that presents data in straightforward visualizations and simple tables, allowing users to understand the report’s findings without feeling overwhelmed.

Pedera has an active partnership with the Center for Climate Integrity, providing web design, development, and maintenance services.

Client: The Center for Climate Integrity
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