McCausland Keen + Buckman

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McCausland Keen + Buckman

McCausland Keen + Buckman (MKB) provides legal counsel to individuals, private and public companies, real estate developers and academic and investment institutions. The firm offers a range of services over various practice areas including business, tax, real estate, litigation, securities and employment law. What’s more, the firm has expertise in several industries. It’s a lot to showcase without overwhelming potential clients.

The MKB website addresses this challenge by presenting users with alternative navigation paths, so that users may select the most relevant option. For instance, one user might browse to the practice area related to their matter. However, another may select the relevant industry. These options are cross-referenced on subsequent pages, allowing users to then switch taxonomies and explore the firm’s offerings by another dimension. This approach is also applied to the attorney profile pages, which reinforces the firm’s stature as subject matter experts.

MKB ExpressionEngine website

The MKB website also features news and a blog, which provides regularly updated content. Search engines reward frequently updated websites with higher rankings, so the website ranks high in organic search results for key terms. This drives targeted traffic, and ultimately delivers marketing value to the firm.

Client: McCausland Keen + Buckman
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