Pedrera provides the technical consulting, WordPress development, web optimization services through our partner agency, Signature Communications.


Segra is one the largest independent fiber network companies in the Eastern United States, renowned for its cutting-edge infrastructure, cloud services, security offerings, and advanced voice and data technology solutions. The network boasts state-of-the-art developments in IP, Ethernet, and dark fiber frameworks, accompanied by top-notch data centers spread across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions.

Segra WordPress website

Pedrera was contracted by Signature Communications to support their work on the Segra website. The Segra website runs on WordPress, with a custom theme and complex configurations. The site relies heavily on Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to render page-specific content within unique templates.

Working with the web development team at Signature, Pedrera harmonized common template elements to make the site’s user interface more consistent. This also made the website codebase more manageable, as it eliminated replicated code. What’s more, issues with responsive rendering on smaller screens were addressed comprehensively. Segra's website is vast and complex, and so is its codebase. This made it a challenge for Signature and Pedrera to make updates without first thoughtfully planning upgrades. It was a truly collaborative effort, and Pedrera was grateful to be part of the development team.

Client: Signature Communications
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