Wyffels Hybrids

Pedrera provides Wyffels Hybrids with a full suite of web services including ExpressionEngine development, PHP and MySQL application development, performance optimization and hosting infrastructure management.

Wyffels Hybrids

Wyffels Hybrids is an independent, family-owned producer of corn seeds. In a highly competitive industry of major corporations like Monsanto, Wyffels has been successful by producing a superior product and delivering it with exceptional service.

Wyffels’ website is at the heart of the company’s marketing efforts. The website allows Wyffels to tell their story, communicating to customers how their products outperform competitors, and demonstrating their “customer-first” approach. Pedrera was initially engaged to take over maintenance and support functions, given our expertise in web development -- especially ExpressionEngine development.

Our partnership began with simple edits, and evolved to an upgrade of their ExpressionEngine CMS from version 2.x to 4.x. After a few years, Wyffels felt that the time was right for a complete website redesign. Wyffels retained Pedrera to perform all the technical aspects of the project. Their agency, O&H, handled design.

Wyffels Hybrids ExpressionEngine website

ExpressionEngine remained the foundation of the new Wyffels website. A fresh installation running the latest version was set up, along with a new information architecture, content model and template system. Pedrera converted the designs from the third-party agency into a user interface system. These templates were then connected to the ExpressionEngine CMS.

After establishing the core website functionality, Pedrera worked with Wyffels to create a series of custom features that would set the website apart from the competition.

Dynamic Product Catalog

A product catalog with an advanced search allowing customers to filter by different combinations of corn seed attributes. The product details pages graphically present the numerous characteristics of the corn seed, and an algorithm suggests related corn seeds for consideration.

Historical Data with Geographic Search

A database of corn trial results that can be searched by year and/or location. The results are rendered in both a list and map view, giving customers a real sense of their potential crop yield when using Wyffels seeds.

Head-to-head Product Comparison Database

A head-to-head comparison tool that allows Wyffels products to be matched to competitor products, with the “Wyffels advantage” clearly shown.

Geographic Monitoring Tool with Weekly Data Feed

A monitoring tool for pests that pulls current field observations and historical data into a searchable map.

Harvest Calculator with Historical and Forecast Weather Data Feed

A calculator that pulls current and past weather data to predict when crops will be ready for harvest based on their seed, location and planting date.

A Platform for Continued Success

Five-star review from Wyffels for ExpressionEngine website The website continues to serve as the centerpiece of Wyffels’ marketing and customer efforts, and it’s a proven resource for farmers in the central corn belt. Pedrera regularly creates new features, as well as optimization and maintenance services to keep the website running in top form.

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Client: Wyffels Hybrids
URL: https://www.wyffels.com/
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