Website Performance Optimization

Websites and web applications are more complex than ever. They often have multifaceted user interfaces with numerous features and elements, and their backend processes can be resource-intensive. When websites fail to load quickly, users are irritated and conversion rates drop dramatically. What’s more, page speed is a critical factor in search engine ranking algorithms.

Common Causes of Poor Website Performance

There a many factors to consider in identifying the causes for a slow website or web application. However, there many common – and avoidable – reasons why a website may be performing poorly.

  • Bloated user interface code (numerous JavaScript files, extraneous elements, large images, etc.)
  • Render-blocking CSS and JavaScript
  • Adding too many plugins and widgets, such as social media tools that are slow to load
  • Failure to leverage compression / minimization technics
  • Improper hosting plans that emphasize low cost over performance (and actually cost website owners more in frustrated users)
  • Servers that are not properly configured, such as Apache and MySQL tuning
  • Poorly written backed code that is inefficient and takes up server resources unnecessarily
  • Databases that are not modeled correctly, do not have indexes, have convoluted queries, etc.

Website Performance Optimization Services

Whether for a small WordPress site or an enterprise mobile application, Pedrera can help identify performance issues and implement cost-effective solutions. Here are a few of the ways that we work to speed websites up.

  • Page speed analysis
  • Hosting platform analysis
  • Software architecture, code and database analysis
  • User interface code optimization
  • Database optimization
  • Server tuning
  • Selection and set up of optimal hosting platform
  • Implementation of CDNs and caching techniques

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