Center for Climate Integrity

Pedrera provides the non-profit organization Center for Climate Integrity with comprehensive web services, including website design, ExpressionEngine development, performance optimization, and hosting management.

Center for Climate Integrity

The Center for Climate Integrity (CCI) launched in 2017 in response to the growing call for climate accountability across the U.S. and around the globe. The CCI mission is to empower communities and elected officials with the knowledge and tools they need to hold oil and gas corporations accountable for decades of lying about climate change. Through strategic campaigns, communications, and legal support, CCI ensures that the fossil fuel industry pays its fair share of the massive costs of climate damages.

Center for Climate Integrity ExpressionEngine website

Pedrera acts as CCI’s primary web partner, contributing a range of services like strategy, web design, custom web development and infrastructure management. Over the years, we’ve launched several websites for CCI’s various campaigns, including the main CCI website ( Pedrera provided user experience and web design services, and then developed the website in ExpressionEngine.

Presenting a “Lie-brary” of Evidence

A key requirement of the CCI website was presenting a database of fossil fuel industry internal documents compiled by journalists, independent researchers and academics. It was important to make the information available to the public in a way that was sensible and clear. To do this, the documents are presented on the website in three major sections: “They Knew”, “They Lied” and “They’re Still Lying”. Screen captures act as previews for each document, which are linked to the actual documents. This allows website visitors to see the actual documents, which is very compelling.

Custom Development and Map Integration

Another key area of the website is the “Leaders Network”. The CCI Leaders Network is a national coalition of public officials who support holding oil and gas corporations accountable for the massive costs of climate change. There are over 300 members, which Pedrera developed as a database. This allows the leaders to be presented in an interactive map, or as a dynamic list with filters for sorting. Individual leader profiles are also shown with related leaders, which increases engagement.

Pedera continues to work with CCI, providing regular updates to the website, hosting management and security services. Pedrera also develops successful campaign websites for CCI’s various initiatives.

Client: The Center for Climate Integrity
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